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Bonded Leather

Belts and Leather Goods - Salamander

Thanks to a diverse product assortment, we're able to provide bonded leather for a wide variety of applications.

Bookbinding Material
Bookbinding material made from bonded leather - Salamander's high-quality product CABRA has become the international leader in the market.
CABRA is produced using only specially selected scrap material remaining after the production of leather or leather goods. This selection assures that our finished product has the desired properties necessary for binding high-quality editions.

In addition to the leather fibers, CABRA consists of natural tanning products, modified natural oils, organic dyes and natural latex as a binder - meaning that the product is produced almost exclusively from renewable resources.

The surface of CABRA is finished using the same first-class techniques employed in genuine leather. Primarily organic pigments and cellulose nitrate are used as a binding agent.

CABRA is produced adhering closely to all appropriate environmental guidelines.

With CABRA, we offer an industrial product made from natural resources that is efficient and economical.

CABRA is available in a caliper of 0.3 to 0.35 mm. The length of the roll is determined by your personal needs - 100, 200, 300, 350 or 750 meters.

• belt padding
• belt lining
• unlined belts

Leather Accessories
• calendars and timetables
• wallets
• portfolios
• identification folders
• bags
• and much, much more

• briefcases
• pilot cases
• suitcases

Our material can be used for a number of other applications as well, thanks to the various grades of softness and thickness, as well as our excellent finishing process.

Shoe Trade

This division of bonded leather is the most important in terms of production volume.

We're proud to say that were able to offer the market leader in the production of shoe counters for the Italian shoe industry. In fact, shoe counters from Salamander can be found in most Italian brand name shoes.

Besides counters, a number of other products for the shoe industry are produced by Salamander.

• welting
• outsoles
• insoles
• heels

Six machines in the production, means that we're in the position to deliver in 2-3 weeks. A large quantity of material is always in stock and can be supplied without delay.