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Kingsfoil / Kingsboard

KingsFoil® gift paper

This gift paper is the only one across Europe that is available in many different metallic colours and a huge selection of embossing. Our spring and winter collection offers you the cutting edge trend colours.

You will not believe the great possibilities available apart from the typical Christmas colours, which we do not offer in the new collection, for packing your present stylishly.

It is also possible to print your name and/or logo on the reverse side on request.

We offer you KingsFoil® in

Small rolls - 70cm × 1,5m up to approx. 25m. Without tubes or on tubes.

Sheets - 700mm × 1.000mm, 700mm × 500mm, Small formats of all kinds. Sorted, packed on request. Individual sheet labelling possible

Secare rolls - 20cm to 70cm wide. 100 to 250 linear metres.

Jumbo rolls - 500mm and 700mm wide


Glittering ideas from tradition

Top Class Aluminium foil carton

It is available in weights from 170 to 550 g/m², e.g. based on GD, GT, GC, GZ and GGZ card. Choose one of 46 colours from our KingsColours collection (matt or gloss) or tell us the colour you want (e.g. pantone).Up to 350 g/m² KingsBoard is also available with surface structure/embossing.Choose one of more than 50 embossed designs.

Standard format - 700mm x 1.000mm

Small format - from 100mm x 100mm

Large Format - up to 1.250mm x 1.400mm

KingsBoard® can be used among other things for brochures, folding boxes,Folders, displays, CD + DVD packaging, greetings cards, cardboard cones for school beginners or clock faces. Its diversity lets your imaginings become reality.

You can finish aluminium foil with 9µ, laminated onto paper from 19g/m² and card up to 550 g/m² one sided or double sided with KingsColours. The minimum order quantity is 500m². If you would like special colours such as Pantone the minimum order quantity is 3500 m². We are happy to send you a sample catalogue on request.