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PVC Coated Paper

Miradur is high a quality covering material; it looks prestigious and it is also durable and easy to keep clean.
Miradur is used for hard book covers, folders, binders, bankbooks, diaries, albums, jewellery boxes, luxurious packaging, religious books and stationeries.
Miradur covering material is supplied in both single and two tone shades with a great variety of alternative embossings. In addition to the standard colour range, colours and finish can be matched for a minimum of 500mts.
Miradur is particularly suitable for hot foil stamping, screen printing and blind embossing. It is also suitable for high-frequency welding.

Kestodur covering material has been developed for heavy use applications. Kestodur is thicker than in Miradur which makes it a suitable quality for covering heavier and bigger editions. Kestodur is particularly used for encyclopedias, religious books and dictionaries.

Kestoboard is a special carton based covering material. As such it is suitable for covering different type of pocket books, bibles and hymn books. Minimum order quantity for special colour and width is 1000m.

2Board is very durable, two-side covered material especially for spin-wired notebooks. At the moment 2Board is available in four colours; black, blue, red and green. 2Board is embossed on one-side and can be processed with blind embossing. Minimum order quantity for special colour and width is 1000m.